Start a Blog: 6 Reasons why You Need a Blog Yesterday

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6 reasons you need a blog yesterday

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I decided to start a new blog about how to start a blog. These weekly snippets are made to be easy to understand and help anyone start their own blog.

I’ve really felt that blogging has helped me with my issues, and hope it can help you too. 🙂


Welcome to my weekly vlog about blogging.

Todays topic is:
Start a blog: 6 reasons why you need a blog, yesterday.

#1) Everyone is online these days.

Over 3 Billion people use the internet every day to: find their friends or search for information.

Because everyone is online it is so much easier to get in touch. Wether it is Facebook, Youtube, Twitter; you can talk to someone across the globe in seconds.

The internet allows us to find information in a way that has never been allowed before. All you have to do is type in Google or Yahoo what you’re looking for and an answer pops up.

Because of that, your story and your answer will be interesting to somebody.

#2) You have a voice.

Whatever social platform you are on, you are telling a story in your voice.

Letting everyone hear you via blog creates a central hub. It becomes a place where anyone can go to learn about you. Who you are. What you have done.

You can build an audience for your social friends. If you really like Ice Skating and you blog about Ice Skating, then you are going to get people leaving comments who also love Ice Skating. This way you will meet people who have the same interests as you.

Next, you can help other people. If someone is losing their hair and you have a solution, it may be that one solution they haven’t thought of. Getting that satisfaction of helping someone is amazing.

Finally, you can just be you. Nobody cares if your different, what makes your blog good is that you are unique.

#3) It sharpens your mind.

You can’t climb a mountain without taking a few steps. Building a blog takes thought.

First you have to think what will you write about. Even if you are doing a travel blog about your experiences that week, you still have to think about what impacted you the most. Sometimes the thinking process will require a little research.

The second step is to write the topic out so that people can understand and get use from it.

You will get comments on the topic and you get the amazing opportunity to respond.

#4) It gives you an outlet.

You can write about what’s making you mad, confused, or what you are learning.

Doing this gives you the chance to say, “Here is who I am.” People want to listen to that.

#5) It can make you money.

Most blogs are free. It can take a small investment to make money.

For me, if I could make $500 extra dollars a month, I would be in heaven.

There are lots of ways to make money online. There are advertisements, where google pays you money every time someone clicks on the advertisement.

There’s also affiliate marketing, where you sell something for somebody else.If it is a book on Amazon, Amazon will pay you a cut of that book.

You can also make your own ebooks, and sell them.

Course creation: there are courses out there on how to help your baby sleep at night.

You can also have your own physical product. If you have the most amazing sponge ever, you can sell it online. If you have a cleaning blog, people are more likely to believe that you know what you are talking about.

#6) There is no huge time commitment to get started.

How much time it takes to start a blog is based on what you want out of it.

The minimum I would recommend is an hour per week. If you go on a blog and it hasn’t been updated for six months you know that it is not being worked on, and are less likely to go back. With one hour per week you can get a post out every week.

My schedule is two hours a day, because I spend time on editing the blog and one hour on writing content. This is because I want to at some point make money on my blog.

Then there are people who do this for a living, and they can make several thousand to over one million dollars a year.

I just encourage you to remember that:

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.” – Lao Tzu

When you start a blog today, it may not seem like you have much. 5 years from now, when you look back you may see an amazing blog.

I encourage you to just get started.

Next week we will discuss: How to Pick a Topic.

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