Hello, I’m Rachael with an A. I live with my parents in Arkansas due to my disability. I’ve had seizures since I was 6, both epileptic and non-epileptic. I’ve been blessed with a supportive family.

My Story

Due to my Seizures I had to repeat my senior year of high school and drop out of college. Even though I tried working it was on and off for several years. No traditional employer wants to hire you when you may get sick for months at a time, so finding full time work has always been difficult.

Unfortunately, I am now completely unable to drive as well as having difficulty talking on the phone and walking at times. But I am not ready to let this defeat me.

I believe being disabled is all about attitude. Even though I am unable to work at a traditional job, I’m willing to try anything online in order to become self-sufficient.

Why the blog?

With this blog I want to record my journey to becoming self-sefficent. According to the 2010 US census over 56million people have a disability, so I know I’m not alone. It is my hope that through my journey other people can benefit- spiritually and finically.

Even though I am homebound, this is a way to meet new people and talk about real things. Any disability is truly a painful experience, but it is my belief that it is not the end of life just a new way of living.

Through telling my story I want to inspire other people. While what I do may not make everyone money, I hope you see the potintial of making money online. If I can help you or you are having a difficult time, please feel free to email me or call (479)310-0737.

Thank you for the visit!

Rachael E Stout