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Nice to meet you (if only in words).

Its funny what words can do, isn’t it? They can move, inspire, or create thought.

When I was younger I dreamed of becoming a bestselling Author. I love reading and so craved to create that immersive world that I admired.

Depending on who you ask this is easier or harder than ever before.

I decided to log my journey here on my blog. Take a look around, introduce yourself, and don’t forget to return for frequent updates!

Who is Rachael E Stout?

Hi! I’m Rachael. Being disabled with seizures, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. Becoming Disabled changed my life. For the longest time I thought I couldn’t do anything anymore.

Then I realized I still had the same dream:
To be a writer who lived life to the fullest.

‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ Steve Jobs

I created this corner of the internet to share my experience, opinions, and little snippets of wisdom. I hope you can get some use from all my ramblings!


  • Connector.


    Here’s where you will find what I do to live a positive life. From my favorite books, money management habits, to my struggles with disability.

  • Connector.


    Writing a book is hard. Here is where I chronicle my experiences writing children’s and fantasy books, as well as how they were published. Wish me luck!

  • Connector.


    I make videos that discuss blogging and how too. Mostly I make them because there is so much to learn, but I hope you can find some use. :)

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